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Based in Los Angeles and Austin, Lunar Door is an independent production company that produces feature films, documentaries, TV series, graphic novels, and branded content. We are a creative collective of purposeful, imaginative and socially responsible artists, producing visual content while addressing universal and relatable themes. 


We produce high quality, cost efficient content that engages audiences with visual stories from diverse viewpoints that contain universal themes with the power to inspire societal change.




As filmmakers, we are acutely aware of the intoxicating allure of a story. Humans are sensory beings, and visual stories have the power to inspire, create, and deliver lasting societal change. Good visual content speaks for itself; great content outlives its makers. We strive to make content that engages audiences to consider diverse viewpoints by offering a new lens.




Co-Founder | Managing Partner | Head of Development

An award-winning filmmaker, Michael’s work has earned 90 international awards and 38 nominations, including 13 Best Director wins. Michael is producer on the forthcoming drama The Fall. He is the director and a producer for the social issue documentary Tears of the Field while producing the adventure, sports documentary Tracing the Divide. Michael is currently attached to direct three features: Ashes, Cane, and The Sins of My Father, based on his memoir.




Co-Founder | Managing Partner | Head of Production

Chase is a producer and composer with over a decade of experience in songwriting, audio mixing, and film production. He has produced films such as Tell, Echoes of War, and Helicopter Mom. Co-founder of Lunar Door, Chase is Michael’s producing and creative partner. He is a producer on the indie drama The Fall as well as the co-creator of the fantasy, action, adventure series SWORN and co-creator of the sci-fi, crime series LIGHT.




Development Producer

Miah first surfaced with the documentary short, Namesake, about his great-uncle, a writer blacklisted in the 50’s. He developed the series Sleeping with Strangers, a dramedy about the ups and downs of group living. Miah is also co-creator/writer/director of the semi-autobiographical series Jukebox, a barroom comedy, currently in development. He also penned the forthcoming features: the crime thriller Ashes and psychological horror Fae.

Ryan D Wood-BW-800x1000_edited.jpg


Composer | Sound Mixer | Head of Post Production

Co-founder of Chromosomes, Ryan composes music for films, including Among The Shadows, Death Pool and Mad Genius. With over a decade of experience as a composer and audio mixer, Ryan has also composed for commercial clients such as NBC Sports, CBS, and TNT. In 2016, Ryan began working with Think Up Anger, creating music on movie trailers, including Godzilla: King of Monsters, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Bright, and War For the Planet of the Apes.



Development | Branding

Jordan is a producer and event coordinator with extensive experience in music, talent relations, creative art direction, brand integration and film production. He has produced events at Sundance, SXSW, Coachella, and the Super Bowl with top brands, including Svedka, Smirnoff, Playboy, Jaguar, and Guess. As Director of Brand Partnerships for Roar Management, Jordan coordinated brand partnerships under the Roar umbrella, including Hollywire and Whiskey Jam.



Operations Management

A Melbourne native, Michael earned his stripes in construction, supervising extensive contracts and managing large labor forces. In 2018, he shifted to entertainment as an executive producer on the short The Rat as well as for the award-winning short films Sworn and The Fixer, where he also served as second assistant director. Michael has continued to work in the industry, most recently with the Emmy award winning series, “The Bay” as well as its spinoff show “The Y.A.”



Stunt Supervisor

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, David finds inspiration for movement from his years of training with swords and a multitude of bladed weapons. He is also skilled with kickboxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and security/law enforcement techniques. His style spans from gritty realism to elaborate spectacle. David’s work spans entertainment formats, including live theatre, commercials, television, and film.

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